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Skis & Shoes

Reds Skis
The high-end hardware, an approach LEISURE, skis for beginners, get your first slope and take your first turns, slowly.

137 €

Blacks Skis
Approach more versatile all-round skis, you play without getting tired of all the snow, all terrains.you playing small bumps and turns, nimble as a chamois.

174 €

Silvers Skis
The Premium! For a performance up to your expectations .. Your support is powerful, precise but fluid, excellent grip, a huge stimulus package has combined a perfect stability.

206 €

Children Skis 80 to 110cm
Skis JUNIOR Girl or boy to love and to start the slide to our toddlers.

54 €

Children skis 120 to 130cm
A range JUNIOR Girl or Boy, accessible way to continue to grow.

61 €

Children Skis 140 to 150cm
Range JUNIOR / ADO to pass a new level.

81 €

Children skis competition
Today's youth are tomorrow's winners, therefore, to stop complaining and win, we want to offer them the best start, with these skis, they will be spoiled ...

83 €

Surfs - Snowboards & Boots

Standard Snowboard
Progress has never been easier with the new generation of boards and ALL MOUNTAIN FREESTYLE ROSSIGNOL, ease of use and high speed stability and are waiting for you ...

171 €

Prestige Snowboard
ROSSIGNOL met all the technology in these high-end boards, the only boards on the market able to thrill in the powder or glide smoothly on the tracks with friends ..

171 €

Children Snowboard
A variety of snowboards for a discovery and initiation of younger .....

108 €

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